Connealy Liberty 837A Cert


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Connealy Liberty was a phenotypic standout at the 2020 Connealy Angus bull Sale!  His combination of “Bet the Ranch” Calving Ease, Outcross Pedigree, Curve Bending EPD’s and Phenotypic Power make him a Must SAMPLE bull of the 2020 Spring Breeding Season!  He was our pick of the entire sale offering because he checks all of the boxes for genotypic and phenotypic traits including Extreme Docility, Sound Feet and Leg Structure and the most Balanced set of EPD’s found anywhere in the Angus World!  He ranks is the top 25% for 18 traits!  +14 CED to 145 YW EPD, incredible.  His productive young dam weaned him for a 107 NR and 113 YR in one of the toughest contemporary groups anywhere.  His first couple of collections at our stud were successful, he served the AV with as much vigor and virility as any mature bull!  To say that we at Square B Cattle Company are excited about this young stud is an understatement!  OWNED 100% SQUARE B RANCH.

NAAB Code: 329AN010

DOB: 11/22/2018

Registration Number: 19507078

American Angus Association