S A V Ancestry 6090 Cert


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Son of SAV Pedigree 4834; Grandson of SAV Blackcap May 4136.  One of the most talked about low birthweight, high-growth prospects of the 2017 SAV sale – massive volume, gentle disposition and tremendous breed character.  205-day weight of 961 pounds and a 365-day weight of 1,595 pounds, in the top 10% of the breed for both WW and YW.   A strong maternal background, his dam, SAV Elba 1401, is among the heaviest milking cows in the SAV herd and serves as a third-generation SAV embryo donor.   His granddam, SAV Elba 1094, has a ratio of 106 on six calves.  Use on heifers or cows to build strong maternal traits and performance into your cow herd.  OWNED 100% SQUARE B RANCH.

NAAB Code: 329AN019

DOB: 2/24/2016

Registration Number: 18579228

American Angus Association