S A V Elation 7899



From the foundational Emulation line of cattle known for leading the industry in fertility, longevity, udder and feet quality for decades; blended with the greatest maternal cow line in the Angus breed.  Attractive, extremely long-bodied, thick and muscular with an athletic, sound structure and docile temperament.  His phenomenal dam, SAV Blackcap May 1782, is a herd bull producer, earning a weaning ratio of 112 on 4 calves. She ranks as the No. 2 weaning EPD cow in the SAV herd, next to only her daughter. Elation’s 16-year-old Pathfinder granddam, SAV May 2397, is the third top income-producing cow in SAV history. She has seven sons in major AI studs.  Possesses superb individual performance having posted a 205-day weight of 1,052 pounds and a 365-day weight of 1,601 pounds.  The son of Sinclair Emulation XXP, a line bred son of N Bar Emulation EXT, considered by many as the most influential Angus bull of the last 100 years. XXP is exceptionally docile, the son of a Pathfinder dam that is a maternal sister to the legendary N Bar Primrose 2424.  Elation once held the world record when he sold at auction fOr $800,000 during the 2018 Schaff Angus Valley sale. OWNED BY : SQUARE B RANCH, BOGLE RANCH & SCHAFF ANGUS VALLEY.

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NAAB Code: 329AN001

DOB: 12/26/2016

Registration Number: 18911198