S A V Supercharger 6813 Cert



Best son of Recharge 3436 and the great SAV Madame pride 0075, his herdbull character and structural correctness is complimented with extra length and scope, large scrotal circumference and perfect feet.   Supercharger scanned a 365-day ribeye of 17.1 inches and earned an IMF ratio of 114.  Pedigree combines the two greatest cows in the SAV program – SAV Madame Pride 0075 and SAV Blackcap May 4136.  His dam is the maternal matriarch, a leading profit center for the SAV program for 17+ years. She’s generated $2.6 million in receipts on 107 direct progeny.  He had charged his first progeny with his phenotypic attributes and sired the top heifer pick of the SAV’s entire calf 2019 calf crop.    Use on cows to improve structural soundness, maternal abilities and performance. Owned by Square B Ranch and Schaff Angus Valley.

NAAB Code: 329AN009

DOB: 1/4/2016

Registration Number: 18579297

American Angus Association

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